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ENERGY GLOBE World Award - Wels 2011

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Category Water

Winner: Mr. Jaime Enrique Munoz Hernandez, Nicaragua

Award presenter: Prof. Edward Ayensu, Former Chairman of the World Bank Inspection Panel

download (JPG, 903 kB)

Category Earth

Winner: Mr. Pavel Kazantsev, Russia

downlaod (JPG, 984 kB)

Category Air I

Winner: Mrs. Susann Dutt, Sweden

download (JPG, 869 kB)

Category Air II

Winner: Mr. Martin Hitz, Switzerland

download (JPG, 774 kB)

Category Fire

Winner: Mr. Doug McClenahan, Canada

download (JPG, 923 kB)

Category Youth

Winner: Mrs. Anna Tolan, Zambia
Award presenter: Leanne Liddle, Member of Australia heritage Board

download (JPG, 819 kB)

all winners

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World Award

Winner: Mr. Doug McClenahan

downlaod (JPG, 1211 kB)

World Award

from left to right:

Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, Austrian Federal Minister for Economy, Family and Youth;

Winner: Mr. Doug McClenahan;

Energy Globe Founder Ing. Wolfgang Neumann;

Dr. Leo Windtner (Energie AG)

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Arabella Kiesbauer

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