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Friends of the Energy Globe 2019

Friends of the Energy Globe help us spreading our message to grass root levels in their countries.
We proudly present them here and welcome everybody to join this group of committed supporters.

Nina Baijens

"We can all contribute to saving our planet, we've borrowed the planet and things you borrow, you return in a better state than in which you received them, so future generations can enjoy in the same way you did"

Elena Basile

"Let's make some climate justice. Otherwise nature will start to do it."

Maria Vitória de Negreiros Pimentel Leite

"The importance of preserving the environment is above anything else because it's the nature that keeps everything else working."

Abhijit Debnath

Position: Student
"Please care and love environment. It will give more to us."

Isabel Hayley

"The beauty of our planet is worth so much more than any human currency. We must value it and stop destroying it."

Fabio Nicolosi

Organization: ONI
"Love, respect & preserve our origins ;-)"

Sunghwan Park

"Let's keep the earth inhabitable for our next generation"