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Energy Globe Award

With more than 187 participating countries and over 2000 project submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that conserve resources such as energy or utilize renewable or emission-free sources. Award ceremonies are held all over the world. Prominent personalities as well as Energy Globe Ambassadors in 90 countries support the mission of Energy Globe. The activities of Energy Globe attract worldwide media attention - international TV stations report each year with approximately 1,000 hours of broadcasting time. The aim of the Energy Globe is to raise global attention on sustainable, everywhere applicable environmental solutions and to motivate people to also become active in this area.

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Cote d'Ivoire 2019

Submitted by: SIAT NV, Société d’ investissement pour l’ Agriculture Tropical
Cogeneration a sustainable solution for Agroindustry waste

SIAT Group has implemented sustainable farming techniques and technologies that have proven throughout the ages, in Europe and elsewhere. The first important thing to do was to gain freedom from fossil fuels and try to valorize the waste created during the industrial processes. In palm oil plants that have resulted in the use of by-products such as fibers and shells to run a boiler to produce steam and generate electricity with steam turbines.

Initial situation
The current overexploitation of fossil fuel sources and the impressive increase in GHG emissions over the last century have forced governments and industries to improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes, to reduce losses and to valorize waste. This applies for the palm oil and the rubber industries as it is commonly accepted that the large-scale agriculture and the industrial processes of production can have a significant impact on the environment

The process is characterized by more efficient use of energy sources than the separate generation of electricity and heat. This is due to the recovering of some of the heat that would normally be considered as waste and released in the environment. Indeed, several studies have highlighted, for a given fuel, an efficiency improvement of more than 25% for a cogeneration system in comparison with a conventional generation system.

The cogeneration system implemented by SIAT in its palm oil mills and rubber plants in Africa is always based on a steam turbine by using the available waste biomass from its process. Several advantages out of this sustainable practice enable Turbines to not only directly transform fuel into electric energy but also produces an additional heat source (steam for the process). Both installations comprise a 1,8MW full condensing turbine, running on steam at 30bar, produced by a high-pressure boiler designed to burn the felled wood from the plantations.

Capital: Yamoussoukro
Official language: French
Total area: 322.463 kmĀ²
Population: 23.919.000
GDP/Capita/Year: $1.938
Source: Wikipedia 2012