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Energy Globe Award

With more than 178 participating countries and over 2000 project submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that conserve resources such as energy or utilize renewable or emission-free sources. Award ceremonies are held all over the world. Prominent personalities as well as Energy Globe Ambassadors in 90 countries support the mission of Energy Globe. The activities of Energy Globe attract worldwide media attention - international TV stations report each year with approximately 1,000 hours of broadcasting time. The aim of the Energy Globe is to raise global attention on sustainable, everywhere applicable environmental solutions and to motivate people to also become active in this area.

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Brazil 2017

Submitted by: Associação Lar de Menores ALARME
Zero Waste

During the Zero Waste Awareness Week, children and young people learned in theory about the importance of avoiding food waste. Later on, they also carried out practical activities and took part in a food waste avoidance competition.

Initial situation
According to the World Resources Institute, Brazil has the tenth place in food-wasting. The Ministry of the Environment stated that in Brazil 34 million tons of organic waste are produced per year, of which only 4.5% are destined to production units that produce organic fertilizers. Associaco Lar de Menores ALARME attends to more than 500 children and adolescents in need with full-time education and complementary activities such as soccer, judo, capoeira, theater performance, dance, music, bakery workshops, gardening or horticulture. They provide five meals a day and the structure for sheltering and development of children and adolescents, allowing them to grow away from violence and crime. In their facility, 230 kg of food waste occurred within two weeks.

"Zero Waste" has as its main objective the reduction of waste of food served during the day for social vulnerable children and adolescents, from 6 to 17 years old, attended by Associação Lar de Menores ALARME. In a first step, the collection and weighing of the containers were organized, where the children dispose the organic waste left on the plate after meals for 15 days, with a total of 230 kg of waste during this period. After this data collection, an environmental awareness program was carried out in the classroom, as well as videos and lectures about the impact of waste generation on the environment, the world hunger scenario and the proliferation of diseases. The children also learned about the destination of waste leaving the institution, ways of reduction, reuse of waste and the importance of economic sustainability in the institution.

In combination with the theory, practical activities were carried out. Accompanied by an agronomic engineer, the children developed activities of composting the organic waste generated in the preparation of meals to produce organic compost, having direct contact with the biological transformations and understanding the cycle of nature. After the Zero Waste Awareness Week, a challenge between classes was launched, in which the group that wastes less food in 15 days would be awarded. Collection and weighing of food waste continued, with a total result of 55 kg less waste in a 15-day period only. The work of awareness and weighing continues so that there is even more reduction. The winning team won a day at the pool of a local club, having a lot of fun. Organic waste is used for composting while residues which can't be used, such as cooked leftovers and meat, are given to a local farmer for his pigs.

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Population: 192.376.496
GDP/Capita/Year: $12.917
Source: Wikipedia 2012