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Top Ambassadors and Special Representatives 2014

Energy Globe proudly presents its Top Ambassadors and Special Representatives 2014

ENERGY GLOBE Ambassadors and Special Representatives are committed persons who support our global efforts in order to create sustainable awareness on behalf of a more meaningful future for our children.

ENERGY GLOBE wants to cordially thank all their Ambassadors and Special Representatives for their support and is looking forward to a further successful and fruitful cooperation.

In the year 2014 a number of Ambassadors and Special Representatives have supported ENERGY GLOBE in an extraordinary way.

Their achievements include:

  • Organizing of National Energy Globe Winner Award Ceremonies
  • Extraordinary initiative on spreading our call for projects
  • Organizing events to promote Energy Globe submissions

We proudly present them here:


Ana María Trabucco Nolasco


Organization: Ciudadanía Solidaria
Position: President
"Becoming aware of oneself and the world around us by participating in building attitudes and personal and social skills of sustainable quality, focused on the lives of all beings."


Josea Sagbo Dossou-Bodjrenou


Organization: Nature Tropicale ONG
Position: President
"My mission is to contribute to sustainable management of nature for a better life on earth through information, education, conservation, sustainable use of biological diversity and the promotion of renewable energy."


José Luis Monroy Cuellar


Organization: Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Instituto de Hidráulica e Hidrología
Position: Docente - Investigador
“I have the vision of Bolivia with significant development of renewable energies as an alternative solution to the problem of lack of energy mainly in poor rural areas. My mission is to assist in the development of small hydropower in the country.”


Ntiokam Divine

Special Representative

Organization: Plant-for-the-Planet
Position: Program Coordinator
"I have as personal and main vision to enhance the UN MDGs , sustainable development for a sustainable peace and a sustainable future we want."


Daishan Huo


Organization: Huaihe Guardian
Position: Founder and President
"The world's most beautiful, the holy soul of kindness is like water in a broad, clean water, and I would like to be to help people who need help in the world. To create ecological paradise of beautiful, sustainable development."

Costa Rica

Prof. Shyam Sunder Nandwani


Organization: Universidad Nacional
Position: Retired Professor
"I want to be Carbon Neutral at my house and office and you. I want to see more people using solar cookers for benefit of their and planet health. Do not spare time to get bored. Do not just do your work rather enjoy your work."


Rosie Charalambous


Organization: Cans For Kids
Position: Founder and Vice President
"I want to see every citizen take responsibility for their impact on the planet and make the informed choices that will ensure sustainability and a bright outlook for future generations."


Mesay Tadese Abebe

Special Representative

Organization: Resilience Ethiopia
Position: Director
"I will grow stronger with each accomplishment, and even stronger with each setback. I want to continuously promote and foster a cooperative environment wherever I go."


Abdoul Khalighi Diallo


Organization: ONG AGEDD (Association Guineenne d’Eveil au Developpement Durable)
Position: Program Manager
“I have the vision for rural communities to be skilled enough to sustain their natural resources, improve their livelihoods and lead their own societies with –dynamic- respect of their own value, that of their children and of the environment.”


Carline Seide-Murphy


Organization: Haitian Community Development Project (HCDP)
Position: President
"I envision a world where future generations will be more aware and sensitive to the way the environment is treated, as I have seen the impact of a mistreated environment on the world. For this reason I support and will contribute my effort to bring this awareness and sensitivity to every corner of the world. I believe in this effort and it brings me great joy to be among those who share this vision."


Dr. Molibeli Taele


Organization: National University of Lesotho
Position: Senior Lecturer in Applied Physics and Electronics
"Modern life depends upon secure and affordable energy, generated safely and used wisely. Burning carbon-intensive fossil fuels can no longer be the basis of our society’s quality of life."


Michaela Hogenboom


Organization: Symbiose Community and Symbiose Consulting
Position: Co-Founder/President, Founder/Sustainability Consultant
“My mission is to foster a connected and sustainable society in Liechtenstein and beyond.”


Hastings Phiri

Special Representative

Organization: Msazi Community Organisation
Position: Director
"To promote energy efficiency."


Mihail Poleacov


Organization: Vortex Windpower Laboratory Moldavian Union of Inventors & Rationalizers
Position: CEO
"The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits."


Badarch Mendbayar


Organization: Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium
Position: -
"It’s challenging putting together combination of all people of the world for their smart life through protection of nature and sustainable use its resources and environment friendly development ."


Maria Mercedes Alvarez Valle


Organization: Solar Projects Foundation for Nicaraguan Women (FUPROSOMUNIC)
Position: General Coordinator and Founder
"My personal vision is that if women in impoverished countries such as Nicaragua have opportunities and resources, we can make substantial changes in protection of our environment and in improved quality of life. My organization, FUPROSMUNIC, works in a collaborative manner to make this vision a reality."

Palestine, State of

Rajeh Abbas


Organization: none
Position: Environmental Expert
"Everyone on this planet can take action to make change towards sustainable environment and safeguarded resources....I myself will do the best and join forces.with the community to promote this action."


Miroslava Moran


Organization: CATHALAC
Position: Natural Resource Management
"Find patterns that make societies more just, equitable and happy."

Puerto Rico

Angel Ruben Torres-Valcárcel


Organization: COSUAM de Puerto Rico
Position: Founder / Member / Program Director
“Use my knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm to protect the environment and contribute to society’s quality of life, peace, harmony and prosperity.”


Dr. Alexander Temeev


Organization: Applied Technologies Company Ltd
Position: Director
"To work at the nature cognition and creation of environmentally compatible means for the life betterment so that along with spiritual perfection all these will eventually bring the mankind to the intelligent existence."


Prof. Nada Pavšer


Organization: Sobivanje, društvo za trajnostni razvoj
Position: First National Coordinator and founder of Ecoschools in Slovenia, President of Coexsistence Society for Sustainable Development
"As an Ambassador I would like to promote relevant topics which can be chosen based on the local ecosystems of the local areas of each organisation, enterprises and of each school, since Slovenia is a very rich country with many different habitats, and projects orientations depend on the rich and diverse nature."


Dr. Salah Awadel-Karim


Organization: Sanata Technologies Inc.
Position: Director
"It is quite a challenge to maintain a global balanced ecological system for a better future. However, with cooperation, transparency and openness we can secure a clean air, water and green energy through innovative, viable, sustainable and environmentally benign projects."


Kokougan Samuel A. Apaloo


Organization: IIFEG Ecole Entreprise: University Entrepreneurship Institute
Position: Founder and Managing Director
"The issues of youth unemployment in the world and the degradation of the environment in Africa in general and particularly in Togo, are so alarming that something must be done before it’s too late. And my colleagues and I, we are very dedicated to face the challenge."


Dianah Nnakayima


Organization: African Power Initiative
Position: Project Co-ordinator
"To bring inspiration, motivation and transformation to humanity. To make life easier, safer and more significant for all people."

United Kingdom

Emeka Efe Osaji


Organization: The Science Council and The Society for the Environment (SocEnv)
Position: Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)
"One of my personal visions/missions is to help ensure fulfillment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal Number 7, which is to Ensure Environmental Sustainability."


Jonas Kunda


Organization: Green Initiative Zambia
Position: Chief Executive Officer
“I would like to assist communities and institutions in Zambia to take keen interest and be part of the holistic/sustainable management and protection of natural resources as well are improving livelihoods bearing in mind that the world has enough for every man’s needs BUT not enough for every man’s greed.”