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Finalist World Award - Category Air

Submitted by: Coop Gruppe Genossenschaft (Coop Group Cooperative)
Country: Switzerland

Electric powered lorry for daily carriage of goods

As Coop aims to be CO2 neutral by 2023, CO2 emissions of goods transport have to be reduced. To implement this, they have shifted part of their goods transport from street to rails, fuelled their trucks with biodiesel and applied alternative engine systems. Hence, the use of the electric truck was a logical step in aim for a CO2 neutral goods transport.

The advantages of electric powered vehicles are undoubted: They are energy efficient, silent and zero-emission when operated. Up to now there was no suitable electric powered lorry for the carriage of goods available though. The 18 tonnes electric powered lorry developed by the Swiss company E-Force One sets new standards with its available weight of 10 tonnes for platform and cargo. Coop, as the first retailer worldwide, will use a lorry of this size for the daily supply of super markets. The lorry is being operated with current from water power. There is a photovoltaic system installed on top of the lorry to be used as an additional current source during the journey. Coop reduces their carbon dioxide emissions through operation of this electric powered lorry and decreases noise exposure at the same time. So far the goals have been met, with the electric truck is in use since January 2014 without major problems. Up to six distribution tours are made with the electric truck on one day to deliver goods from the distribution center at the suburbs of Zurich to supermarkets in Zurich (in total up to 240 kilometres a day). After each second tour the chauffeur has to make a 45 minute break as regulated by law – these breaks, as well as night-time, are used to fuel the truck at the charging station with environmentally friendly hydropower electricity.

Georg Weinhofer holds a diploma in industrial engineering and management from Graz University of Technology, Austria, with focus on energy and environmental technology. Before joining Coop he was working as a research assistant at the Chair for Sustainability and Technology of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where he obtained a Ph.D. with a thesis on corporate climate strategies. Since September 2009 Georg is head of the specialist department Energy/CO2 at Coop. He, among others, is responsible for the realization, coordination, and communication of Coop's vision "CO2 neutral by 2023".


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  • Project: Electric powered lorry for daily carriage of goods
    Applicant: Coop Gruppe Genossenschaft (Coop Group Cooperative)
    Country: Switzerland

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