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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Finalist in the category Youth

Zero Waste School and Keep Danube Clean!
Submitted by:
EcoStuff Romania

Zero Waste School has involved more than 40,000 students in various ecological education activities. Keep Danube Clean! - Bike Tour is a 30 day educational bike caravan following the Danube River across 10 countries.

Initial situation
Pollution is a big problem for the river Danube with its most international water catchment area in the world, covering the territory of 19 countries. It affects the rivers of Europe and notably the Danube, which collects the water from over 30 major European rivers. Also only a few schools in Romania have extended programs or permanent ecological education.

EcoStuff Romania is a non-profit organization committed to a cleaner, healthier environment, for a zero waste world. With each project, it promotes and implements viable solutions for educating, fostering creativity and inspiring the community in taking positive action towards caring for the environment. The organization acts in three main directions: ecological and selective waste collection education, ecological action and upcycling projects. Every project developed within this framework has had significant benefits for the community and fostered recognition.

Zero Waste School is a nationwide competition in green education and selective waste collection targeting primary and secondary school levels. The project aims to supplement the few ecological education programs existing in schools in Romania. In order to win the competition, the applicant schools gather points granted for organizing as many educational actions as possible from the list provided by the organizers and for the selective collection of as much recyclable waste as possible: paper/cardboard, aluminum and plastic/PET. As of 2012, the four editions of the Zero Waste School competition have enlisted more than 40,000 students from 390 schools in various ecological education activities, such as greenings and tree plantings, creative recycling workshops, short theater plays and awareness rising actions regarding selective waste collection and environment protection.


  • Project: The Flagship Education Centre
    Applicant: Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust
    Country: New Zealand

  • Project: Zero Waste School and Keep Danube Clean!
    Applicant: EcoStuff Romania
    Country: Romania

  • Project: Trees4School
    Applicant: Tree Adoption Uganda
    Country: Uganda