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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Winner in the category Air

E-Mobility Post and the "green" Vienna project
Submitted by:
Austrian Post AG

The Austrian Post started reducing their ecological footprint by replacing conventional vehicles with electric vehicles and therefore reducing CO2 emissions and avoiding emissions of harmful exhaust gases.

Initial situation
The Austrian Post is the biggest logistics provider in Austria. This is a very energy intense business. The employees cover a distance of about 290,000 km every day (walking, by motorbike or bicycle, car, or van). The company needs approximately 15 million liters of fuel for about 9,500 vehicles and has an energy use in their buildings of about 130 million kWh annually. This leads to CO2 emissions and affects the global climate.

To reduce the ecological footprint, the Austrian Post started the projects “model region e-mobility Post” and “green Vienna”. In these projects the daily mail is delivered on foot, by bike or an electric vehicle. The vehicles are used for a limited time a day. This is the perfect base for car sharing with other companies with different working hours. They also use PV panels for energy supply of their buildings.

The innovative aspect of this project is to replace conventional vehicles with electric vehicles. The Austrian Post uses different types of electric vehicles to get the best result in the utilization of resources. Therefore, CO2 emissions of Austria´s biggest motor pool decrease. This can show other logistic companies how a change can be made. In addition, a decentralized refueling infrastructure is created in different regions in Austria. This project also demonstrates synergy effects through car sharing. The Austrian Post collects important information about electric vehicles which helps other companies to start working effectively with electric vehicles.


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