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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Winner in the category Water

Upgrade of tailings disposal & water management system
Submitted by:
Kerman Copper Region
Republic of Iran

The Sarcheshmeh mine needs water for the production process. Because of the dry area water supply is not easy. Therefore, an Integrated Water Master Plan (IWMP) has been created. It includes diverse steps from a water treatment plant to earth dams.

Initial situation
Located in a dry area, the Sarcheshmeh mine has very limited access to surface water. Due to its geographical location and the climate conditions of the region of Kerman, groundwater is the only reliable source. The yearly volume of recharge is nearly 5.6 billion cubic meters. However, the volume of discharge is at nearly 6.7 billion cubic meters per year. Therefore, their water balance is negative which leads to an alarming decrease of groundwater. The cathode production even increases the amount of water required for the production process. Due to the local conditions, achieving a stable and reliable source of water is very hard.

A water recycling system using modern methods could be the solution. The Integrated Water Master Plan (IWMP) has improved the consumption of fresh water through the new water resources management and a complete cycle of reclaimed water. Another part of this plan includes the evaluation of the environmental impact according to the latest international standards. Knowledge of international consultants is gathered and implemented. For the best use and maximum recycling of the water, dewatering by means of paste thickeners has been deployed.

This innovative project includes 4 main points: a diversion weir and a water treatment plant, the Shur River Dam with an asphalt core and an installation of a floating pumping station on the lake, the use of paste thickeners with side infrastructure including tailing transmission lines, cleaning of the water and returning the water from the thickener station and Shur River to the plant, and a tailing dam for the deposition of concentrated waste materials. Together the first three projects affect the tailing dam and the water supply system's efficiency.


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