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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Winner in the category Fire

Green Initiatives
Submitted by:
Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences

This project has found a great way to reduce the ecological footprint for large scale cooking, with solar power, steam cooking systems, biogas plants, solar water heating systems, and rain water collection. This helps the staff becoming more effective and ensures better living conditions for indigenous students.

Initial situation
In 2010, the residential school KISS had about 12,000 students. To prepare the food they had to use firewood and LPG stoves. The cooks were suffering from hazardous fumes and the hot working temperature. Lots of firewood and LPG were used to cook food in a traditional and inefficient system.

The Kalinga Institute found a new way for cooking by using steam, specially designed cooking pots and biogas plants. Steam is generated by efficient boilers to reduce fuel consumption; cooking pots are tilting to make work easy. Solar panels also provide energy for heating water. This reduces cooking time and the One Less Nuclear Pow quality improves. The solar system also offers renewable energy and is grid tied without storage batteries.

This project is innovative in many ways especially for mass cooking. The special designed cooking pots are tilting to load / unload food in an easy way. The steam cooking of rice is extremely time efficient. Semi-automatic peelers, dicers and mass cutting machines for different local vegetables make work faster. The installation of water sterilizers ensures clean water. The adopted process includes UV on-line treatment. The kitchen and dining waste is put into a biogas plant where it is converted to useful fuel and compost. This sustainable model of organic waste management is useful for residential institutes.


  • Project: Green Initiatives
    Applicant: Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences
    Country: India

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    Applicant: HELIOVIS AG
    Country: Spain

  • Project: Biomass Gasification to reduce Lime Kiln Fossil Fuel Oil
    Applicant: Phoenix Pulp and Paper Public Company Limited (SCG Packaging)
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