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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Finalist in the category Earth

Submitted by:
Association "tany"

This project supports farmers by the implementation of permaculture. The slash-and-burn method, erosion and deforestation will be stopped. They also help making degraded land usable.

Initial situation
Deforestation is a common and substantial problem. Important natural resources become more and more limited every year. The soil cannot absorb rainwater and dries out. The only way for local farmers is to move on and start deforestation in another place again. If this continues, forests in Madagascar will soon disappear. Many people in Madagascar suffer from poverty, corruption, lack of education and have no health standards.

Permapartner has developed a solution against deforestation and poverty. They provide local farmers with education and knowledge about sustainable farming. Part of sustainable farming practices addresses catching rainwater, which is important for growing plants. This ensures a livable environment for the population and secures food availability.

Permapartner has tested and adjusted the techniques for permaculture especially in Madagascar. They teach local farmers and figure out ecological strategies. The farmers get support with capital, seeds, tools and an income for the time of their education. After that they are independent and help other farmers with their knowledge. In order to educate children how to grow vegetables, fruits, etc., Permapartner has implemented school gardens. As Madagascar has 3 climate zones, this project plans to build an education center in every climate zone to find the right methods that fits the requirements.


  • Project: Reforestation of degraded watershed and establishment of fruit orchards on the mountainside
    Applicant: Rural Green Environment Organization - RGEO
    Country: Afghanistan

  • Project: Eco Village Project in Bangladesh
    Applicant: Korea Green Foundation
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  • Project: Permapartner
    Applicant: Association "tany"
    Country: Madagascar