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Energy Globe World Award 2016

Finalist in the category Sustainable Plastics

Submitted by: The Xextex (X-TEX) Corporation, USA
Country: United States

Clean Air Using Recycled/Repurposed Water Bottles

This filter has the ability to reduce carbon emissions worldwide dramatically using recycled water bottles. Throughout the world, air filtration is essential for cleaning the dust, germs, pollen, molds, etc., from the air which is vital for human health. Filters for air conditioning have generally been produced from virgin materials. Filtration manufacturers have been able to achieve recycled frames and metal backing but have never been able to produce the actual filtration media from recycled goods until this patented filter invention. Air X-TEX can save thousands of trees, tons of steel and reuse millions of discarded plastic (polyester) beverage bottles every year while simultaneously reducing CO₂ emissions. 40-50% of energy used in homes and businesses is for air conditioning and this patented media has an overall energy savings of 22.7%, based on the US national average.

Sustainable Plastics - Finalists

  • Project: Recycling Plastic Waste to Manufacture Building Materials
    Applicant: EcoAct Tanzania
    Country: United Republic of Tanzania

  • Project: Clean Air Using Recycled Water Bottles
    Applicant: X-TEX
    Country: United States

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