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Energy Globe World Award 2016

Finalist in the category Youth

Submitted by: SolarGrid Tanzania Ltd
Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Solar Energy Champion Ward

In many parts of Tanzania large parts of the population don't have access to the national grid, this is also the case in Iringa. Kerosene lamps are used widely to provide light, although they harm the health due to their toxic fumes and the light they provide is very weak. Another disadvantage is that these lamps only cover the need for light but not the demand for electrical devices for communication, information or cooling. The best alternative for kerosene is therefore the use of a solar system – but in order to successfully introduce solar systems there is a need of financial structures and technical background information. SolarGrid Tanzania Ltd in cooperation with SNV and Tagrode has set an example of how to electrify villages successfully. In the flagship ward which includes several villages with 10,000 to 12,000 inhabitants, young people were trained to become solar technicians and agents. They sell and install PICO solar home systems which can be paid by the costumers by means of a credit. Micro loans are provided by So far, 24 youth have been trained who brought almost 100 solar systems to their villages, providing 600 people with solar electricity.

Youth - Finalists

  • Project: Inspiria Science Center
    Applicant: AART architects
    Country: Norway

  • Project: Plataforma MARNOBA - Mobile application against waste
    Applicant: AsociaciĆ³n Vertidos Cero
    Country: Spain

  • Project: Solar Energy Champion Ward
    Applicant: SolarGrid Tanzania Ltd
    Country: United Republic of Tanzania

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