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Energy Globe World Award 2016

Finalist in the category Water

Country: Mexico

Sustainable development at community level

Over a twenty-year period, the small coastal town of San Crisanto, Yucatan, has worked to improve its social and environmental well-being through a series of actions implemented at the community level by its members. Local subsistence depends on fishing and harvesting resources from an adjacent mangrove ecosystem, which had clearly degraded over a thirty-year period. In conjunction with the community land tenancy organization, the Fundacion San Crisanto, A.C., has worked with community members to restore and develop their ecosystem. Together they have cleaned 11,300 m of canals, restored the mangrove's natural hydrology and 40 natural sink holes, and maintain them annually. Environmental study and evaluation was done of 850 hectares of mangrove, including an on-going study of its primary predator, the crocodile, during which 190 specimens have been marked to date. In addition to acknowledging traditional uses such as wood harvesting and salt extraction, others such as coconut cultivation have received renewed support, and new activities such as ecotourism have been developed. This resulted in 12,000 paid visits annually since 2000. Environmental education has become a constant in the community since begun in 2002, with at least one workshop offered annually. Project-related improvements in the community's quality of life include 25 direct and 42 indirect jobs, as well as parallel development in response to increased tourism. Community awareness of the need to attain long-term sustainability led to the process that produced the San Crisanto Strategic Plan 2009-2029, a consensus-built, regulatory document that will help San Crisanto work towards the interconnected goals of community prosperity and mangrove ecosystem health. Coordination and cooperation among the foundation, the community land tenancy organization and community members remains active and constitutes a replicable model for use in comparable communities, both regionally and beyond.

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