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Energy Globe World Award 2016

Winner in the category Youth

Submitted by: Asociación Vertidos Cero
Country: Spain

Plataforma MARNOBA - Mobile application against waste

Large amounts of waste are abandoned in the environment, destroying the beauty of the places and causing problems to animals. Cleaning initiatives are important but it is also necessary to characterize the waste in order to identify its origin and the locations in which it tends to accumulate. The existing data about marine litter are insufficient despite the existence of beach cleaning activities. The collected marine litter is not characterized and no standardized method is used to provide verifiable data. At the same time, the young generation aged from 13 to 20 years is not integrated into environmental action although they often enjoy their free time at the sea and the beach surfing, diving or visiting music festivals. Since they spend a lot of time outside, they can be sensitized about the need to protect the environment. Spain has over 3200 beaches and important economic activities are associated with coastal areas. It is important to know the sources of marine litter and involve society in a better understanding for its elimination and biodiversity protection. This project created the mobile application Marnoba which is a simple tool to achieve these goals through new communication technologies. It can be downloaded for free and data on marine litter can be entered by ordinary citizens. From 2013 until 2015, data on marine litter on more than 100 beaches have been obtained through voluntary clean up actions. The aim of the project is to increase knowledge on the amounts, sources and types of marine litter of the coasts in order to develop measures to minimize the amounts of waste. More than 400 users have participated so far, 50% of which are from organizations such as Scout Spain, secondary schools, surf schools and diving centers. The entered data have been analyzed by the expert team of the Zero Discharge Association and are part of the monitoring program of marine debris Spanish Ministry of Environment.

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