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Energy Globe World Award 2016

Winner in the category Fire

Submitted by: Multicon AG & Co. KG
Country: Germany

Mobile Solar Plants

In most of the developing countries, loud and polluting diesel generators are often used for electricity production. In order to replace these generators in the long run, the company Multicon has developed a mobile solar power station. It is a mobile, turnkey ready solar island station with integrated solar modules, an energy storage and a smart energy management which is integrated in an ISO 20 feet container. The solar container is based on the plug & play principle: once arrived at the place of destination, the already wired solar modules are pulled out of the inside of the container. Depending on the version, the solar containers have a performance of up to 52 kWp and store up to 100 kWh solar current. Since several containers can be connected in any required number, they can meet the electricity demand of several MW. They can therefore supply sufficient electricity for hospitals or refugee camps, or may be used for water desalination. One 30 kWp solar container is in Mali and provides clean energy for 100 households.

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