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Energy Globe World Award 2016

Finalist in the category Youth

Submitted by: AART architects
Country: Norway

Inspiria Science Center

Like any other country, Norway is affected by the increasing globalization. Concurrently with the increasing globalization, Norway is transforming from an industrial society to a knowledge-based society. In other words, Norway is experiencing a need to foster knowledge among its next generation – especially in the field of sustainable energy, as the country is one of the leading energy suppliers in Europe. This also applies to the Østfold County in Norway, which therefore took the step to building Inspiria Science Center with a view to mark knowledge on sustainability and natural science as a key driver in the future development of the county. Designed with school children in mind, the science center in Graalum inspires and educates through 70 interactive exhibitions. Every year, some 50,000 school children come there to learn about the importance of an intact environment and engage with complex topics such as renewable energy, waste management and nutrition in a fun context. Even the journey to Inspiria Science Center is a practical lesson in sustainability as most of the school children are taken to the science center by hybrid busses. The building design supports the activities within the science center. Natural daylight floods through the extensive glass facades and numerous skylights into the building, which was designed as a low-energy building with outstanding insulation. In addition, a special treatment plant recycles waste water, while electricity is generated by a wind turbine and solar panels. Solar thermal collectors are used to heat water for the building. All of these facilities are part of the exhibition and can be seen in action by visitors. Last but not least, Inspiria Science Center is adapted to the surrounding landscape with the three wings radiating out from the two-storey atrium at the heart of the building. This distinctive architecture symbolizes the cycle of nature and reflects the science center’s key topics: sustainability and natural science. Inspiria Science Center has turned out to be a great success. It has proven to inspire ‘the next generation’ to take up careers in science, technology and engineering – important professional fields in the development of a more sustainable future on a regional, national and global scale. In addition, the science center has become a knowledge-based focal point for the local businesses, offering conferences and seminars on eco-friendly technologies, etc. On a national scale, the Norwegian prime minister has visited the science center to learn about its success and how it manages to motivate and inspire school children. “It is impressive, what this science center has achieved”, he highlighted during his visit.

Youth - Finalists

  • Project: Inspiria Science Center
    Applicant: AART architects
    Country: Norway

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    Applicant: Asociación Vertidos Cero
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    Applicant: SolarGrid Tanzania Ltd
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