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Energy Globe World Award 2016

Finalist in the category Air

Submitted by: Nlyte Software
Country: United States

Colocation Temperature Case Study

Nlyte is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)  Monitoring software solution which helps data center managers run their facilities at peak efficiency. Armed with the real-time information on all their critical systems which Nlyte’s Energy Optimizer provides, managers plan and manage capacity, minimize downtime, reduce energy consumption and save money. The customer, a co-location company, wanted to raise ambient temperature in its data center according to new ASHRAE guidelines, reduce carbon emissions, save energy and bring energy costs down, pass those savings on to its tenants, still meet SLAs, not take on any incremental risk of downtime and keep tenants comfortable with the whole transaction. The only way to achieve all those objectives was with real-time, easy-to-read thermal monitoring, available to individual tenants. In this case, Nlyte’s real-time thermograph and unique co-location features helped keep a Multi-Tenant Data Center’s temperatures up, costs down and tenants happy. Savings of 2.3 GWh in energy consumption, $ 285,120 in power costs and 2762 tons of CO2 were realized.

Air - Finalists

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  • Project: Colocation Temperature Case Study
    Applicant: Nlyte Software
    Country: United States

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