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National Energy Globe Award Armenia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Lusakert Biogas Plant LLC
Implemented country: Armenia
Title: Armenian Biogas Plant Reduces Methane and Recycles Poultry Waste

Max Concern (Armenia) and Vekst Foundation (Norway) plan to realize a biogas plant on the territory of Lusakert Poultry Plant, which represents a biogas (5280 m3/day), electric (5843 MWh/year) and heat (6202 MWh/year) energy production cycle based on animal waste management system. This makes it possible to reduce the emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere and at the same time to produce organic fertilizer (75,000 tons/year). The project duration is 21 years; it strives to reduce mainly methane gas (CH4) by 63,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per year. Realization of the project will stop the negative aspects of accumulation of organic wastes and smell from the poultry industry.

Category: Earth