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Submitted by: Solar Serve
Implemented country: Viet Nam
Title: Solar Serve

The use of traditional wood fuels for cooking leads to deforestation and degraded soil, leaving a damaged environment for future generations. Power from the sun is available everywhere and is free to everyone. More than 58 million people in Vietnam are affected by household air pollution. It causes 23,800 deaths per year. Solar Serve's solar cookers are zero-emission, while its efficient clean cookers reduce a large share of emissions from cooking with biomass.

Most Vietnamese, especially in rural areas, are still using coal, straw, leaves, wood etc. for daily cooking and are burning them in inefficient traditional cook stoves (e.g. traditional fixed cook stoves, beehive coal cook stoves). Solar cookers by 'Solar Serve' have zero carbon emissions while its efficient clean cookers reduce a large share of emissions by cooking with biomass. In addition, through reducing the firewood requirement by 50% on average, Solar Serve helps reduce deforestation. Bringing clean cooking technology to low-income households is the core of Solar Serves business. The project is also currently building a team of sales people and local distributors to market directly to the BoP. This will be the first such distribution network in Vietnam. Solar Serve’s parabolic solar cookers and clean cookers are reasonably priced and the company continues to invest in new technologies to further reduce prices. To date, Solar Serve has produced and provided more than 2,500 solar cookers and 170 clean cookers to low-income and minority peoples in Vietnam. Solar Serve is already break-even, accruing modest profits over the past 3 years. It is estimated that each year a single clean cooker or solar cooker can reduce CO2 emissions by 1.1 MT and can help retain 1.4 MT of trees.

Bich Nguyen Tan is an expert in renewable energy and he is founder and CEO of Solar Serve. Bich Nguyen Tan’s motto in life is to aim to allow all low-income consumers to access renewable and low carbon technology to improve their health, environment and living standards.

  • Reduces deforestation
  • Cost effective for low-income houses
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 1.1 MT
  • Solar cookers have zero carbon emissions
  • Clean cookers reduce emissions by use of biomass

Save energy, save money and save a life. 

Bich Nguyen Tan

Category: Fire