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National Energy Globe Award Lao People's Democratic Republic (overall winner)

Submitted by: Sunlabob Renewable Energy
Implemented country: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Title: Off-grid electricity in remote villages in Laos

Sunlabob is a Lao company that provides electricity to remote rural villages away from the grid. The company responds to the phenomenon of failure of donated generation equipment that fails before its expected lifetime due to a lack of maintenance. Cost-covering service packages are now marketed: • Solar lamps can be recharged at a central station in the village. Households pay for recharging as they would pay for kerosene for their previous lamps. • Solar home systems are rented to households for a fixed monthly fee. • In village hybrid grids, privately owned solar panels, hydroturbines and motor generators sell kWh into a publicly owned village grid. Sunlabob intends to expand in Laos and abroad through an investment drive and a training campaign.

Category: Fire