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Submitted by: Enertec Sarl
Implemented country: Senegal
Title: Pilote Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant with desalination

This is a pilot project of Enertec Sarl which develops, builts and operates a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant of 5 MW rated power, providing electricity from renewable and sustainable source to rural and peri-urban areas. Using the technology of Solar tower, having 10 hours Thermal Storage Unit. It also includes Water Desalination and Training center for qualified technicians (autonomous center or in collaboration with an existing training centers).
The project goal is to develop local competency (capacity building) through technological transfer in order to have a multi-technologies Renewable Energy Farm (Several CSP technologies, CPV, PV, Wind, etc...) and reproduce successfully similar projects in other Senegal and ECOWAS regions, and contribute to the achievement of Senegalese objectives documented on the LPDSEFeb09. It means that at least 50% of rural and peri-urban population to access modern energy services by 2015.  The total project cost is 29.981 US$ million (21.415 € Million) and the project is located in West Africa in Senegal and we are looking forward to have the pilot plant in Louga or its surrounding areas.
· Electricity production: 21 900MWh / Year
· GHG Reduction: 23 300 Ton / Year
· Rural Population provided with electricity: 78 000 approx. (based on scenario)
· Revenue from selling CER: 221 958 € / Year
· Production of water desalination: 10 000L / Day minimum

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