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Submitted by: Arba Minch University
Implemented country: Ethiopia
Title: Green Rural Electrification in Ethiopia

The aim of the project of the Arba Minch University is to deliver modern, clean and locally-managed renewable energy to the rural communities who have the resource and change their life. Significant water resources are found in Ethiopia. In areas where adequate water resources are present, harnessing  the power of falling water by means of micro hydropower plants is one way of providing affordable and sustainable energy for the development of rural areas. Electric power would encourage the establishment of the government offices and associated services, provide an incentive for better trained persons to serve in more remote areas, improve the quality of education, health, and other services and enable individual rural households to have access to services which were formerly restricted to urban areas The project is environmentally friendly and it adds positive impact to the environment by plantation different vegetations from the pond upstream of the diversion weirs. Since the project was implemented with significant participation of the community in all stages from inception to operation the sustainability will not be questionable. 

Category: Fire