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Energy Globe Award

With more than 187 participating countries and over 2000 project submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that conserve resources such as energy or utilize renewable or emission-free sources. Award ceremonies are held all over the world. Prominent personalities as well as Energy Globe Ambassadors in 90 countries support the mission of Energy Globe. The activities of Energy Globe attract worldwide media attention - international TV stations report each year with approximately 1,000 hours of broadcasting time. The aim of the Energy Globe is to raise global attention on sustainable, everywhere applicable environmental solutions and to motivate people to also become active in this area.

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Aruba 2019

Submitted by: Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
The Caribbean's First Carbon Neutral Hotel: Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

In August 2018, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort achieved its major sustainability goal of becoming carbon neutral, the Aruba resort is the Caribbean’s first hotel to earn CarbonNeutral® certification. Today, the resort staffs a full-time sustainability manager, a Green Team and holds the most eco-certifications throughout the Caribbean including LEED Silver, Green Globe PlatinumISO 14001 and now CarbonNeutral®. At Bucuti & Tara, sustainability is all-encompassing so steps to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint naturally branch beyond clean energy use and include other areas such as waste generation.

Initial situation
The initial energy situation was that Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, like every other energy customer on Aruba, had to rely on carbon-emitting fossil fuel energy and it had to count on staff and guests to share in its plan. Fossil fuels were widely available on-island and years ago it was particularly easy to rely on them since there was an operating refinery on Aruba. However, Bucuti never settles for short term ease and initially focused its sights on supporting the idea and implementation of more sustainable measures on Aruba.

In late 2016, Bucuti completed its installation of photovoltaic solar panels, a 173KW system, the largest on-island system in the private sector. The panels provide 15% of Bucuti’s energy needs. The resort combines 25% island-sourced energy produced by wind turbines and solar panels. The goal is to continue to increase this both by continuing to support the green energy development locally and potentially procuring more panels at the resort.

As an eco-pioneer, Bucuti & Tara is often at the forefront for not only incorporating best practices but also for developing them. The recent addition of 618 photovoltaic solar panels, a 173KW system regarded as the largest on-island system in the private sector. The solar power installation generates 282,700 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. Installed in late 2016, the project reduced Bucuti’s then energy demand by 15% and reduced carbon emissions by 74.6 metric tons of CO2e annually.

Capital: Oranjestad
Official language: Dutch, Papiamento
Total area: 178.91 km²
Population: 104.822
GDP/Capita/Year: $25.300
Source: Wikipedia 2012