The ENERGY GLOBE AWARD honors sustainable projects and is given in the 5 categories fire, water, earth, air and youth. The price is presented as National and International Award (more information). Your submission will automatically be evaluated on the national and on the international level.

Starting at the end of May 2014 you can either complete

  • the online submission form (preferred option)
  • or download the submission form and send your project documentation and supporting materials by email to:
  • or hardcopies by postal service to:      
                 ENERGY GLOBE
                 Mühlbach 7
                 4801 Traunkirchen
                 Austria, Europe

Submission deadline was on 14 October 2013.
Submissions will be possible again at the end of May 2014.

Please send the following documentation along with the along with the completed submission form: (documents 1-5 in English or German)

1. Project summary (max. 800 characters). Please mention briefly project objectives and environmental impact in terms of emissions/climate protection. If possible, PLEASE use a formal writing style as this text will be published in our online project database. (Mention the name of the submitting party in the text and avoid expressions like We, I, Our company, etc.)

2. At least five (digital) descriptive project photos in good quality. (Summary and photos are also published in the ENERGY GLOBE project database)

3. Detailed project description (approx. 2 A4 pages) including timing and precise details of the implementation status.

4. Max. half an A4 page each per subsequent evaluation criteria (Preferred format: *.pdf, *.doc, *.docx):

  • Project goal including the sustainability and efficiency of the project
  • Innovative aspects of the project taking into account technological standards and living conditions in the region
  • Information on costs/benefits. Details on economic and social impacts
  • Replication potential of the project: can it be implemented everywhere?
  • Environmental impact in terms of emissions/climate protection

5. If available: documentation such as publications, newspaper articles, photos, videos, DVDs, brochures, website, etc.

By participation in the ENERGY GLOBE competition I agree to the electronic processing, sharing within the ENERGY GLOBE partner network and publication of my project. If deemed necessary by the organizer, the submitted project may be moved to another category.