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National ENERGY GLOBE Award Afghanistan

Winner: GERES (Groupe Energies renouvelables Environnement et Solidarités) , Renaud Bettin
Project title: Energy Efficiency and Passive Solar Architecture in Afghanistan

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Armenia

Winner: Armenia Tree Project , Paul Yeghiayan
Project title: Plant an Idea, Plant a Tree

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Bangladesh

Winner: Winrock International , Samarendra Nath Choudhury
Project title: Management of Aquatic Ecosystems through Community Husbandry

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Japan

Winner: Green Cross Japan Foundation , Tsunehiko Kawamoto
Project title: Realizing ecological life style through “Environmental Diary”

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Laos

Winner: Sunlabob Renewable Energy , Christina Ketter
Project title: Village-based, solar-powered water purification

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Myanmar

Winner: Border Green Energy Team , Salinee Tavaranan
Project title: Burma solar hospital project

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Pakistan

Winner: Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, Pakistan , Hafiz Ur Rehman Sherali
Project title: Building and Construction Improvement Program

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Saudi Arabia

Winner: Polykem/Estefa Group , Ibrahim Al-Alim
Project title: Super Absorbent Polymers: A new Process for Agriculture Use

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Sri Lanka

Winner: Brandix Lanka Limited , Iresha Somarathna Palle Badalge
Project title: Brandix Green Projekt

National ENERGY GLOBE Award State of Palestine

Winner: MENA Geothermal , Khaled Al Sabawi
Project title: UCI Headquarters Building

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Taiwan

Winner: Epoch Energy Technology Corp , Brian Aiello
Project title: Mobile Incinerator

Honorary National ENERGY GLOBE Award United Arab Emirates

Winner: CSEM Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA , Thomas Hinderling
Project title: SOLAR ISLANDS

Honorary National ENERGY GLOBE Award Uzbekistan

Winner: Ecoforum of NGO's of Uzbekistan , Nadejda Vakhitova
Project title: Involvement population into the process of sustainable development through the approach of environmental and economical safety of a family in Uzbekistan