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National ENERGY GLOBE Award Bolivia

Winner: GTZ - PROAGRO Componente Acceso a Servicios Energéticos , Boris Ardaya
Project title: Water for life and for production

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Canada

Winner: Wind Simplicity Inc., Sharolyn Vettese
Project title: Windancer Horizontal Wind Turbine

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Chile

Winner: RECYCLA Chile , Mauricio Nunez
Project title: Working for the E-Waste Solution

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Costa Rica

Winner: Laboratorio de Energia Solar, Universidad Nacional , Shyam Sunder Nandwani
Project title: Solar Cookers for both rural and urban areas

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Cuba

Winner: CIDEM Universidad Central de las Villas , Jose Fernando Martirena Hernandez
Project title: Sustainable materials for public housing

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Ecuador

Winner: American Electric Power, Wolfgang Straßburg
Project title: First wind turbines on Galapagos Islands

National ENERGY GLOBE Award El Salvador

Winner: LaGeo, S.A. de C.V. , Rubén Antonio Loy
Project title: Berlin Binary Cycle power plant / Flora and fauna species protection and conservation

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Paraguay

Winner: Plena - Ahorro de Energia , Pedro Cáceres Brun
Project title: Energy Efficiency Systemic Approach for a Sustainable Future

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Peru

Winner: Soluciones Practicas-ITDG , Teodoro Sanchez
Project title: Renewable Energy for Community Empowerment in Peru

National ENERGY GLOBE Award United States

Winner: New Age Energy, Inc. , Erwin Bogner
Project title: Tri-Generation solar energy supply system for industry