National Energy Globe Award 2017

177 countries participate in the ENERGY GLOBE Award, thus it is the largest and most important environmental prize. As a kick-off to the UN World Environment Day on June 5 Energy Globe has launched its annual global online-campaign to introduce all national Energy Globe winners’ projects. The campaign runs in cooperation with UNEP.

Focus of the campaign is to show how dedicated and committed people save our planet. ENERGY GLOBE is providing these people a global platform to inspire and motivate others to follow their examples.

The award ceremonies take place in cooperation with our partner, Advantage Austria, the official Austrian Foreign Trade Promotion Organization of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

As is shown here, ceremonies took place already in many countries and more will follow.

upcoming events:
01 June Ukraine
02 June Tunisia
12 June Ireland
23 June Spain

... more will follow

Get inspired by national winners 2016 and have a look at exciting and unique environmental solutions from all around the world!

Apply for the 2018 Energy Globe Award!

You can apply for the 2018 Energy Globe Award here.