National ENERGY GLOBE Awards

The national ENERGY GLOBE Awards distinguish best project submissions from a country (e.g. ENERGY GLOBE Germany, ENERGY GLOBE Argentinia).

With 161 participating countries, the ENERGY GLOBE Award is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is awarded annually to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources. The awards for these many projects are presented in their recipients’ individual countries in cooperation with our partners, in particular with the international offices of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

National winners receive an ENERGY GLOBE Certificate highlighting applicant and project, signed by ENERGY GLOBE Jury chairperson Maneka Gandhi and ENERGY GLOBE initiator Mr. Wolfgang Neumann.

The ENERGY GLOBE Certificate is an internationally recognized hallmark for sustainability. Many of our winners proudly present it on their websites, on image brochures or simply hang it on the wall of their offices. In some countries the National Award is split into categories, and the winners not only get the certificates but even the popular trophies.

ENERGY GLOBE presents this year’s award-winning projects from 161 countries at the launch of World Environment Day on 5 June 2013 as part of the Global Sustainability Online Campaign.

Behind these 161 success stories there are 161 creative and committed people who feel that the future of the earth is very important to them. Their projects represent an important contribution to a more sustainable future. Their projects also send a message of hope and inspiration. They offer solutions that can be implemented just around anywhere around the world. ENERGY GLOBE is providing these projects with a platform for a sustainable future that is well worth living for.

Get inspired by this year's winners and have a look at exciting and unique environmental solutions from all around the world!

Here you can download all photos of this year's national ceremonies around the world: Photo-Brochure (PDF, 6562 kB)

“Generating your own energy and lowering overall energy consumption this is what we would like to make possible for everyone in the world."

Wolfgang Neumann
Founder, ENERGY GLOBE Foundation