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Finalist World Award - Category Water

Submitted by: Tehran Sewage Company
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran

Tehran sewerage project

Since water is of vital importance for all of us, the Tehran Sewage Company is constructing and operating the largest wastewater treatment plant in the Middle East. Out of 8 modules, 4 have been implemented so far and are already under operation. The implemented units produce 43 GWh of electric energy and 140 terajoule of thermal energy annually. Once the wastewater treatment plant is fully built, it will provide 200 GWh of electric energy and 700 terajoule of thermal energy per year. The country’s largest wastewater transmission tunnel with a length of 27 km and the Middle East’s largest wastewater vortex structure with a depth of 37 m were built. Vertices help to increase the speed of water transfer, decrease the losses, increase the lifetime of the tunnel and lower the administrative costs. Advantages of this project include the protection of the environment from contamination, increasing of public health, the prevention of contamination of the groundwater, the development of green spaces and the prevention of wastewater consumption for the irrigation of farms. The cleaned water is used to recharge the aquifers near Tehran and for agriculture which will increase the agricultural production.


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