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Finalist World Award - Category Earth

Country: Denmark

Sustainable Business Hotel

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is one of the first hotels in the world to be certified as a sustainable hotel, and it is Denmark’s first carbon neutral hotel building. The hotel, before it opened in 2009, had joined the UN’s Global Compact - the largest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) declaration project in the world. Throughout the entire hotel (CPCT) innovative solutions were implemented, which makes CPCT a frontrunner within sustainability. 

Some of the major energy-efficient technologies CPCT implemented throughout the hotel include 
Denmark’s largest privately owned building integrated Solar Panel Park. All sunny surfaces on Copenhagen Towers are covered with ultra-thin and high technology solar panels. This generates more than 200,000 kWh power on a yearly basis – the equivalent of the energy consumption in 60 Danish family houses. The first ever groundwater-based cooling and heating system in Denmark was installed. Copenhagen Towers extracts heating and cooling from groundwater, 100 meters below surface. This system is unique as the water that is used for cooling in the summer is stored and is re-used for heating in the winter. It reduces the energy consumption used to cool and heat the building by up to 90% compared to an equivalent building. 

At the end of 2012, Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers became the first hotel in Denmark to be certified as complying with the Danish standard for social responsibility DS 49001 (ISO 26001) and the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. The hotel therefore meets the stringent requirements set by the above standards in the following areas: Professional management, Human rights, Working conditions, Environmental impact, Professional business ethics, Consumer affairs and Development and involvement in local society.


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