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Finalist World Award - Category Youth

Submitted by: EduVision Foundation
Country: Nepal

Students awareness and motivation campaign

EduVision Foundation runs a project called Clean Community Campaign Hetauda. Students are separated into two groups. The primary group consists of those in grades 4-7. EduVision partners with schools and colleges in the city, and conducts its environmental awareness/motivation class in the subjects social studies, health and environment or science. Students are first informed about the meaning of education in their lives, that it enables them to see problems and to solve them creatively so that society improves. The students then learn that taking small responsibilities as children prepares them to take bigger responsibilities as adults and their lives will benefit society as a whole.
They start with keeping their classrooms clean, followed by the school premise. The next step is to adopt a part of the city, preferably an area close to their school, to keep it clean and to create a healthy community. Weekly activities consist of clean-up campaigns with anti-littering messages, proper management of solid waste and separation into organic, inorganic and hazardous waste. More than 20 schools and colleges have been reached amounting to more than 10,000 students since November 2013.
Students have shown a remarkable change in their perception of waste: they raised their own fund to buy trash cans for their schools, participated in parody contests, quiz contests, weekly rallies and beautification of the city. Hetauda was awarded the cleanest city in Nepal in 2014. The goal is to reach at least 30 schools in the community this year. At the request of the Global Network for Sustainable Development (USA) and the Durbar Square Clean Up Foundation (Kathmandu) demonstration classes were given in three schools in Kathmandu, and EduVision has been chosen as a knowledge partner by the Global Network for Sustainable Development.


  • Project: Students awareness and motivation campaign
    Applicant: EduVision Foundation
    Country: Nepal

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