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Finalist World Award - Category Fire

Submitted by: Abundance Generation
Country: United Kingdom


Abundance was launched in 2012 as the UK’s first FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated crowdfunding platform. It seeks to do two things: opening renewable energy investment to all and in the process increasing positive engagement with renewables, whilst also democratizing the world of investing. It makes it easy for anyone to invest in renewable energy and experience the financial and social benefits for themselves. Estimations suggest that more and more people will positively engage with renewables and ask for more of them, in turn increasing their deployment.
In the two years since the first project launched, Abundance has achieved a great deal. Close to £ 7,000,000 have been invested in a total of eight renewable energy projects by almost 1,500 people, with some investing the minimum of just £ 5 and others investing more than £ 50,000. Originally only open to UK investors, Abundance has since adapted to allow investment from EEC (European Economic Community) citizens. The eight wind and solar projects financed by Abundance investors have added over 3.6 MW of renewable electricity capacity to the UK grid and save an approximate 1,700 kg CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.
While working towards a cleaner environment using low-carbon technology, Abundance is also improving the lives of numerous groups such as investors and people living close to projects. Investors benefit from receiving inflation-beating returns on their investment, whilst communities benefit in a number of ways. People can, and often do, invest in projects near to them. This keeps some of the financial benefits of renewable energy in the local area. Furthermore, a number of the projects offered by Abundance have a social impact. These have included solar panels on schools providing cheaper electricity, and thus more money for resources, as well as a practical demonstration of renewable energy for pupils. Others have generous community funds, consisting of a proportion of the revenue of certain projects being donated to local causes, for example a car scheme to combat rural isolation.


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    Applicant: Abundance Generation
    Country: United Kingdom

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