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Finalist World Award - Category Air

Submitted by: Jiří Marian
Country: Czech Republic

Winery Galant: smart show piece for energy efficiency

Greenhouse gases are not necessarily a waste - it can be used for wine production in the wellness program.
Sensible, environmentally friendly , responsible, economic behavior - that is the motto of Jiří Marian, who has implemented a project that is unique in its depth and scope in the hotel and the winery Galant in Mikulov (South Moravia). He proved that even a rich object of twelve acres can minimize its operating costs when excess heat, waste and greenhouse gas that is produced currently on site is cleverly used. The original oil heating system was converted to a maintenance-free engine room. Now three CHP and six heat pumps are working there, which convert the electrical power required by the winery and the hotel to cold or heat . Surplus heat from the wine fermentation can be used for water heating, in refrigeration surpluses are used for refrigerators and freezers. The energy of the waste water from the hotel-spa is removed with heat pumps and continued to be used. Water-air heat pumps use the energy of the exhaust air from the hotel premises. The entire building was insulated with a 15 cm thick polystyrene insulation and insulating wadding to prevent unnecessary heat loss . Also the water is used as much as possible: Wastewater is used for flushing toilets, rain water is collected in a reservoir and used in the automatic garden irrigation and fish farming. In wine fermentation also CO2 is emitted, which is not released here in the atmosphere, but is used for bubble baths in the hotel spa. PV systems are located on the roof, where they are invisible from below.

E.ON Czech believes that the topic of energy efficiency will further grow in importance. We are open to innovative solutions and strong partnerships with those sharing our objectives.


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