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World Energy Globe Award (Earth)

Submitted by: Prefeitura Municipal de Santa Cruz do Sul
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Proper housing for slum denizens

Brazil has created a little housing miracle. The João-de-Barro Bom-Plac House Project, founded in 1998 by the Municipal Housing Department of Santa Cruz do Sul, is providing a better quality of life by building environment friendly housing for low wage workers and poor families. As part of a re-socialization program prison inmates are employed in the production of plates, posts, and pre-cut blocks. So far more than 150 such houses have been built. The main purpose of the program is the high quality construction of houses at extremely reduced cost compared to conventional construction systems. The basic structure of these houses consists of cement posts, plates and pre-cut blocks - made from a mixture of cement, sand, ground rubber from used tires, iron and water. The roof framework is of wood, covered with one-piece zinc tiles. Doors and windows are made of metal. The cost, for a 40m2 house, of the housing components is about 2,056.00 Real (US $ 895) including electricity, hydrological and sanitary facilities. By involving the family in the building process of their own house, with the technical support of the Municipality of Santa Cruz do Sul, costs can be reduced even further. Better living conditions give these families more respect in the community and increase their sense of dignity. Another positive effect of this program is the reduction of the pollution through the utilization of ground rubber from used tires, which can no longer be used for any other purpose. If simply discarded, these used tires often become breeding grounds for disease spreading mosquitoes, responsible for malaria and dengue fever. An additional educational social program teaches a more sustainable and prudent dealing with natural resources and the environment. Wastewater treatment, collecting and recycling of garbage, which polluted the housing areas have halved the level of infant mortality within one

Category: Earth