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World Energy Globe Award (Water)

Submitted by: EcoPeace/Friends of the Middle East
Implemented country: Israel
Title: Good Water makes Good Neighbors

In Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories, water is a scarce resource that suffers from unsustainable use and pollution. Due to the political situation region-wide water conservation strategies have become nearly impossible. A key purpose of the "Good Water Makes Good Neighbors Project" is to raise awareness among people on water issues, identify sustainable water management solutions and enable cooperation between communities on either side of the "green line"/border. Eleven communities were selected for the pilot program. Groups of volunteer water trustees were created that handed on their knowledge about water to others. Schools were transformed into water-wise buildings that serve as models and workshops were organised on water wise issues. In 2004 e.g. 1200 water saving devices were installed at 36 schools and 22 mosques in the city of Tulkarem (Palestine). In Emek Hefer (Israel) a water saving system was implemented in a school to collect water for an organic water-efficient ecological garden - by collecting runoff from air-conditioning systems. In another school rainwater is collected from the roofs and gathered in tanks and pumped back nto toilet tanks - and so saving fresh water consumption. In Sheik Hussein (Jordan) three mosques implemented grey water systems where water from hand and feet washing was collected for reuse in gardens. This project was funded by the EU SMAP program and the U.S. Wye River program.

Category: Water