Submitted by: Hafnermeister Franz Schrödl
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Electricity from the stove (biomass) in conjunction with photovoltaic

To generate electricity from the heat of a tiled stove, is now no longer dream of the future. The master Franz Hafner Schrödl perfected the principle of thermoelectricity and thus makes it possible. Must affix to the rear wall of a tiled stove thermal cell. These create a current hand. On the other hand, they must be refrigerated. This in turn drops of hot water. Produced up to 800 watts of power. The so-generated electricity can be used to assist all units of a heating system: provide sufficient (eg, fans, fuel pump, ash discharge, central heating, ...). With an expansion of the structure by adding a battery to a heating system can provide, which can be operated completely independently from the main grid.

Category: Fire
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