World Energy Globe Award (Air)

Submitted by: Escorts Foundation
Implemented country: Pakistan
Title: Cooking efficiency

50% less fuel wood and a 70% reduction of gaseous emissions: Pakistan has reinvented the kitchen stove. According to a recent study, open fire stoves consume approximately 10kg of firewood per household and day, which means 9,125,000 kg of firewood annually. Due to the high demand for wood as fuel the rate of theft was 600 trees for every 760 planted per acre every year - resulting in deforestation and terrible situation for the environment. The new stove affectionately called "nada" is cost efficient and simply constructed. It is less of a health hazard to women, time efficient, causes less blackening of cooking utensils & kitchen walls. The stove uses wood and cow dung cake for heating. The technology of the stoves is as close as possible to the traditional stoves used by the women in the area, unlike in previous projects that were more technology orientated, not taking into account local demands. The Escorts stove uses the same materials as the traditional stove and is constructed in the home needy families, by local women who are trained as "Chulah Mechanics" and local blacksmiths. The result is a significant transformation of the lives especially for the women. Not only the health risks associated with cooking on open fires are reduced (chimney pipe), but their status in the household is greatly enhanced by the fact that they are able to cook two meals at once and keep the food warm for their families. Women have also found that they have to spend less time (normally a 16 hours day) for collecting fuel-wood and preparing food and therefore have more time to assist the family in income-generating activities. Women trained as "Chullah Mechanics" are also able to earn additional income for themselves by constructing the stoves. Women are also trained to set up the stoves themselves and in the meantime about 7000 women in 24 villages have received such training. The simplicity of the stoves together with involvement of the community through training sessions and workshops, resulted in an acceptance ratio of over 70% in the 54 villages where the stove has been introduced. Dependent on the necessary funding, ESCORT plans, to extend the project area to 80 further villages. The average number of people per household in this target area is almost 8, with approximately 210 households per village. Over the course of the past ten years the NGO Escorts Foundation has installed 11,578 stoves.

Category: Air