World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: BAAS Kläranlage
Implemented country: China
Title: Waste-water Know-how "made in Europe" for Chinese Eco-Village

According to the Chinese Ministry for Water the groundwater of more than 50% of towns in China is polluted. In the beginning of the 80s more than 80% of the rivers were water quality class III, today only 30% are still of this good quality. On request of the PR of China the Austrian company BAAS Kläranlage set up together with a Chinese building company in 2004 an ecological micro wastewater treatment plant in the eco village Beijing Tongzhou Dayingcun, with 600 inhabitants. The heart of the modular system which was developed in Austria is a rock wool filter which operates without power supply or any other external energy input. So the waste water of the 600 inhabitants can be self-sufficiently recycled. Due to the modular concept of the system it can be enlarged easily. Maintenance costs are small and calculated running costs are appr. Euro 0,19/m³ of water. Total building costs were about Euro 45.000.

Category: Water