World Energy Globe Award (Water)

Submitted by: Unilever Indonesia
Implemented country: Indonesia
Title: A River Needs Help - Unilever Starts to React

Surabaya, a city in Indonesia has 3 million inhabitants. The city produces 8.700 m³ garbage per day, 80% of it is transported to a public dumping area that will be overloaded soon and the remaining 20% are scattered everywhere, mainly into the river Brantas. Water supply has become a big problem - Unilever Indonesia is playing a key role in the development of a new concept for waste management in Surabaya. They started with four villages alongside the river by introducing a simple technology of processing organic garbage into compost. As 70% of domestic waste is organic, Unilever is encouraging villages to segregate their garbage and use the sponsored 200-liter plastic container in their front yard as a compost unit. One unit is shared by five households and is full after approximately six to eight months. After another month the compost is ready to be used as rank soil. If there is no room for such a compost unit, people collect their organic garbage in plastic bags that is transported to a public compost unit. Thousands of garbage bins have been sponsored by Unilever for non-organic waste, in order to prevent people from throwing everything into the river as they are used to. People sell recyclable waste to scavengers and so earn extra money. Through this project parts of the river were cleaned but Unilever is well aware that this alone is not sufficient to save the river and supply water supply to the region. By training " Change Agents" who teach their community important aspects about environment another step was taken and the city mayor would like to to extend the project throughout the whole city.

Category: Water