World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Parroquia Cristo de Ramadas - Landwirtschaftlicher Beratungsdienst auf Gegenseitigkeit S.A.R.A.
Implemented country: Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Title: Soil protection measures and civil participation in the district of Tapacari, Cochabamila in Bolivia

General goal of the project by S.A.R.A. (Agricultural consulting service based on mutuality) and the parish Cristo de Ramadas is to advise 16 rural communities on soil protection to increase fertility and sustainability. Aims per year: build up 10 ha stepped fields, the production of 100 tons of organic fertilizer, the sowing of 20 tons of potatoes, the building of 4 new ecological farms, the installation of two new water collection basins (with about 20.000 liters capacity), the planting of 10.000 trees, the organisation and carrying out of 6 weekend-workshops for the exchanging of experiences for participating families. Altogether between 350 and 400 rural families are taking part in the project and so the harvest of the fields was increased by 40%; so the farmers have an improved income by selling their products on the market, which wasn't possible in the past, because the return of their cultivation was just enough for their own consumption. Through training groups, visitors and the exchanging of experiences, the soil protection measurements also expanded on neighbour-communities.

Category: Earth