Submitted by: Energieagentur Judenburg-Knittelfeld-Murau
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Eco-power and heat from the biomass heating power plant in Murau

In 2003 Energy Vision Murau was launched. Strategies and measures were developed with the goal of achieving energy autonomy by 2015 for electricity and heating. A particularly extraordinary example of these implementation measures is the biomass heating power plant in Murau (Austria). In 2006 it was already supplying 80% of all Murau buildings with environmentally friendly heat from biomass from regional farms, forests and sawmills. It is now possible to generate eco-power year round and to cover the basic demand of the regional heating network with the waste heat of the steam turbine process. The amount of heat generated at the power plant corresponds to the energy of some 1.8 million liters of oil.

Category: Fire