National Energy Globe Award Niger (overall winner)

Submitted by: GVDsa - UGF Beto - CNES
Implemented country: Niger
Title: Energetic and Material recovery of plastic waste, paper waste and agricultural residues

The project experiments and develops appropriate waste management approaches relevant to sub-Saharan countries by emphasising on the development of techniques and equipments which makes use of local existing renewable energies and local human capacities of the region to produce appropriate by-products that respond to local population needs. The project activity and vision is centralized around the action of putting value to municipal solid waste (particularly plastics packaging waste) and undesirable natural resources (e.g., water jacinth, sida cordifolia). This is achieved (and continue to be achieved) through the application of appropriate new and/or locally innovative conversion processes for waste and natural resources, taking into account international experiences. The results are: in one hand, the development of appropriate strategies which involve the population in waste management (collection, separation, conditioning, reuse), and- on the another hand, the development of appropriate semi-industrial and artisan recovery processes able to yield secondary products/materials of value in the field of energy, agriculture, building and construction. The developed techniques, strategies and by-products are expected to be in complete accordance to - local socio-cultural and economic conditions, - meet local and international conventions on environment, and to - world global fight towards climatic change. Indeed, the issued process technology must be able to be replicable.

Category: Earth