Submitted by: relatio PV GmbH & Co KG
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Industry park Grosselfingen

A working group composed of Hahn GbR, relatio PV GmbH and ralos GmbH realized one of the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic systems in Germany. 13,000 m² of roof surface and 18 meter high supports provide space for the sixth-largest roof-mounted photovoltaic system in the world. The peak output of the system is 1.2 megawatts, and annually 1.1 million KWh are produced, enough to supply 255 four-person households. The technology of a large-scale system differs significantly from that of a single-family house. The Grosselfingen system is pure power plant technology and thus has greater longevity of 25 - 30 years.

Category: Fire