World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: IT Power
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: And the watermills continue to turn

In the Himalayas traditional wooden watermills have been used to grind grain for several centuries. The nearly half a million watermills throughout the Himalayan region, from the north-eastern states to Jammu and Kashmir, are mostly inefficient, dilapidated and falling into disuse or have been adapted to be powered by diesel engines, which are polluting the already fragile mountain eco-system In order to preserve the tradition of watermills, IT Power, India has designed a project to modernize the old watermills in the Himalayan region. By using modern micro-hydro systems the watermills are made viable for grinding flour, rice hulling and generating electricity. An average watermill upgrade means about 790 liters of diesel are annually no longer pollute the fragile eco-structure. So far over 100 mills have been modernized in the Himalaya region.

Category: Fire