World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Middlesbrough Council Community Protection Service
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: Middlesbrough community is setting action against climate change and greenhouse gas emissions

In November 2002, a long-term community-action plan, coordinated by the Council's Community Protection Service working together with other local partner organisations had been set up in the town of Middlesbrough/UK to tackle climate change by reducing community greenhouse gas emissions and protection and adapting against/for climate change resulted weather events. Through investing in community household consultation, waste reduction campaigns, school awareness programs, emergency planning, encouraging and supporting private and public initiatives and actions, enhance flood prevention and home energy efficiency and more - a greater public awareness had been/should be achieved. For 2005/06 the program focus is on heating and insulation improvement, domestic water recycling and enhancing home energy efficiency by grants is planed which will together with other projects save 11,141 tonnes of CO². Adaptions on climate change will include "Eco-Schools", "Civil Contingencies Acts",..

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