World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: University of Nottingham
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: Buildings for Sustainable Technology Research and Education hand in hand

"The School of Build Environment" at the University of Nottingham under the leadership of Prof. S.B. Riffat, has set up a series of different sustainable university buildings, the "Sustainable Living Laboratories". Among them is the largest European sustainable energy Campus, the "Jubilee Campus", achieving a CO2 reduction of about 980.000 kg per year (grass roofs, rainwater collection, light pipes, thermal weels, light shelves and wind cowls, PV - 450 m2 in 4 arrays with peak power outoput 54.3 kW), lighting energy savings 384,000 kWh/annum, total energy saving 3,056 million kWh/annum. All these buildings are test-beds for new building-designs and technologies and demonstration models on one hand and facilities for lecture rooms, offices, laboratories and social academic life on the other. Additional three awareness programmes for school classes and public were set up. Aim of the project is to encourage technology transfer between university research and industry, to promote sustainable living (several international conference were hosted), to increase public awareness for renewable energy use and to provide teaching and training fields for students.

Category: Earth