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National Energy Globe Award Chad (overall winner)

Submitted by: The World Bank in Chad
Implemented country: Chad
Title: Upgrading of the goldenrain (savonnier) tree in the Sahel

This project consists of a collection of activities by young people who have concentrated on reducing CO2 greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and alerting rural communities in the Sahel of Chad to the dangers of climate change. This project combines the foundation of a youth movement, the social mobilization of the target rural communities, the planting of trees, and the establishment of a protective mechanism for these measures. The goal of the project is to contribute to restoring and maintaining the natural eco-system in Chad in order to reduce the associated risks of climate change. Indicators reveal the number of planted goldenrain trees, the number of households sensitized to the subject, and the assessment of local economic resources endangered by climate change. This initiative lasts three years; due to the environmental involvement of young people and the cooperation of rural communities to reduce risks of climate change, its influence will be sustained.

Category: Youth