Submitted by: Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol/Italien Ressort Raumordnung, Umwelt und Energie
Implemented country: Italy
Title: KlimaHaus certification for active climate protection in building

KlimaHaus stands for energy saving, high comfort and active climate protection. The KlimaHaus project is founded on three pillars: information and sensitization, continuing education, and consultancy. The project focuses on the people who live in the house. The high acceptance and good resonance on the part of all involved in construction are based on the fact that KlimaHaus is primarily a premier system: each builder selects the desired energy efficiency class (gold = 1 liter house, A = 3 liter house, B = 5 liter house). In easily comprehensible form, a climate certificate informs about the overall energy efficiency of the building and in South Tyrol serves as a prerequisite for a utilization permit for new construction. This consumer-friendly compilation of the complex material of energy saving helped KlimaHaus to achieve international recognition. To date over 550 buildings have been certified with their respective heating requirement of under 50 kWh/m2a.

Category: Earth