Submitted by: Prof. Dr. Helmut Seifert ITC-TAB Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Saatstrom as direct energy generation via Haloclean pyrolysis

The Saatstrom® concept (electricity generated of the Karlsruhe Research Center (Germany) is based on the Haloclean pyrolysis reactor, an intermediate speed and temperature pyrolysis that enables whole energy plants or residues from other processes such as biodiesel production to be used via moderate heating with exclusion of air, to generate gases and fluids compatible with district heating central plants. Using rape seed produces twice the yield in power per hectare compared to converting rape oil to electricity. A unique aspect worldwide is the option of filtering gaseous products, which enables direct application in von district heating central plants. Haloclean/Saatstrom raises the energy yield from biomass, which can be used in the biodiesel or biogas area and contributes to greater economy and sustainability of the processes.

Category: Fire